The Best Way to Get Added to Pinterest Group Boards


Here's the best way to maximize your chances of being added to Pinterest group boards! #pinterestmarketing #socialmedia #bloggingWhile group boards aren’t the amazing traffic boost they used to be on Pinterest, they can still be helpful. This is particularly true if you don’t yet have decent reach or over 2,000 followers.

There’s just one problem with the oh-so-common advice to join group boards: it can be hard to get added to Pinterest group boards. Especially good ones.

In fact, I hear things like this all the time:

  • All the big boards are closed
  • I can’t even get anyone to reply to me about joining their board!
  • I feel like I’ve applied to a bazillion boards and not gotten accepted

If you’ve ever had thoughts like those, you’re not alone!

So how do you get added to Pinterest group boards?

1. Start by pinning the right things

As a group board owner myself, there’s one mistake I see over and over again from people who request to be added: the things they are pinning to their boards don’t match my group board.

For example, before I closed my Money Management board, I’d get people apply to it all the time. When I checked out their pins to see if they’d be a good fit, soooo many times their pins were almost entirely about things like:

  • Fashion
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Home decor
  • Travel
  • Kid’s parties
  • Making money (which my board does not allow)
  • Etc.

Now, the person requesting an invite might have been planning to pin things that would be great for my group board, and they may have been happy to adhere to my very specific board rules, but I had no way of knowing that. (Actions speak louder than words.) So they were an automatic no.

In short:

If you want a shot at getting accepted to a non-generic group board, pin things that are directly related to that board’s topic.

I don’t mean just a few pins either, surrounded by a sea of unrelated things. Be a good pinner on that topic, long term. (Especially since it can take a while for group board owners to see your request.) Put your sea of unrelated things on secret boards instead.

2. Pin other people’s relevant content too

You also want to be pinning anywhere from 20-50% of other people’s pins to your own boards. (The fewer the number of followers and the less reach you have, the more you want to be repinning other people’s pins.) Make sure those pins are also on-topic and vertical. Go ahead and repin some of the pins from the group boards you’re interested in too. This will help you with your 20-50%.

As a group board owner, when I see someone who only pins their own stuff, I don’t want them on my board. Why? Because one of my board rules is that you need to repin other people’s from the board. And if they’re only pinning their own stuff, they’re not likely to do that.

3. Follow the board owner’s directions

It may sound obvious, but if there are directions for requesting to be added to a Pinterest group board, follow those directions. Even if you think it’d be easier to make the request some other way.

Sometimes the directions will say to message them on Pinterest, send an email with a certain subject line and/or specific contents, repin one of their pins and comment on it with the request, follow them AND the board, fill out a form, etc.

Whatever the directions say, do those things. Remember, the group board owner may get huge numbers of requests. Make it easier for them to say yes to you.

Note: Even if it doesn’t say to do so, follow the board you’d like to be added to. (While it’s possible to send invites to people who aren’t following a board, it seems like there are glitches where those invites don’t always show up on Pinterest unless you go to the board or are following it. I’d hate for you to be invited but never see the invite.)

4. Think smaller and make friends

It takes time to get on group boards, so be patient, keep at it, and try not to feel discouraged. Group boards are not the be all and end all of Pinterest anyway.

Try requesting to be added to smaller group boards at the beginning, instead of only going straight for the massively popular boards.

If you’re not on ANY group boards and you really want to be, try joining 1-2 more generic boards to get the ball rolling. You’ll almost certainly want to leave those later, but they can be better than nothing as long as they’re not filled with spam. Try to avoid boards with hundreds and hundreds of members, as that’s a sign that they pretty much accept anyone.

If you know other bloggers in your niche that have group boards — and you’re already pinning appropriate things — try asking them if they’re willing to add you or at least provide feedback that could help you get added to other group boards. We all want to help out our friends when possible.

If you’re in Facebook groups related to blogging (like the Elite Blog Academy course group) ask if anyone has open boards there as well. Include your Pinterest profile so people can check it out, and be specific about the kind of boards you’re looking for.

5. Consider other options

Joining other people’s group boards aren’t the only options by any means. There are a couple more ways to get your content shared more widely, and there’s no reason you can’t do both of them.

Create the group board you’re looking for

In addition to creating individual boards of your own, you may want to create the group board you’re looking for. For example, my Money Management board was born out of frustration.

Like so many people, I found it difficult to get added when I was first starting out. So I started my own, and invited people to it that I felt would be good contributors. I invited them via Pinterest, and also emailed them to let them know they’d been invited. Creating my own group board turned out to be a great move.

If you do this, make sure your group board is pretty specific and directly related to your niche. Don’t start a “Great Bloggers!” board, for example. Start a “DIY Projects Under $20” board instead.

I will also warn you that managing a group board takes time. You’ve got to make sure people aren’t pinning off-topic things or spamming the board, and of course you’ll need to handle requests to be added.

Summing up the best way to get added to Pinterest group boards

To recap, these are the steps that will give you the best chance of being added by group board owners:

  1. Start by pinning the right things &
  2. Pin other people’s relevant content too
  3. Follow the board owner’s directions
  4. Think smaller and make friends
  5. Consider other options (like creating the group board you’re looking for and applying to relevant tribes)

No matter what, don’t spend a lot of time stressing about it, or feeling down if your requests aren’t accepted. It’s not personal by any means.

Focus on making your pins the best they can be to go along with the awesome content you are creating. Great pins will help to improve your Pinterest presence, get traffic to your site, and increase your chances of getting added.

Here's the best way to maximize your chances of being added to Pinterest group boards! #pinteresttips #bloggingtips