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Pinterest Best Practices: Creating Images for Your Blog

What makes a great, Pinterest-friendly image that’s going to attract both readers and repins? Let’s start with the basics so that you can include images that will really benefit you when they’re pinned to Pinterest. Keep these tips in mind:

Pinterest resizes your images

When an image from your site is pinned, Pinterest will take your image and resize it for their main screen, fitting it into a rectangle that’s 237 pixels wide. Make sure your image is at least that wide, otherwise it will look something like this when pinned:

Bloggers: Don't let your blog images end up look like this example of an improperly-sized image on Pinterest.

That grey space on either side of the image is not attractive. Plus by not having the image sized correctly, it displays a lot smaller than it otherwise would. That’s a missed opportunity to attract attention. Remember, on Pinterest, it’s all about the visuals. » Read more