5 Things I Did to Explode My Blog Traffic


Super-specific blog traffic tips! Great ideas to get more traffic to your blog.Have you ever wondered why some bloggers seem to get massive blog traffic right off the bat, while others languish forever with barely any traffic to their site?

I know that it’s SUPER FRUSTRATING to put in all that effort to write a great blog post and get…crickets. But I also know that it’s possible to turn things around

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The Best Way to Get Added to Pinterest Group Boards


Here's the best way to maximize your chances of being added to Pinterest group boards! #pinterestmarketing #socialmedia #bloggingWhile group boards aren’t the amazing traffic boost they used to be on Pinterest, they can still be helpful. This is particularly true if you don’t yet have decent reach or over 2,000 followers.

There’s just one problem with the oh-so-common advice to join group boards: it can be hard to get added to Pinterest group boards. Especially good ones.

In fact, I hear things like this all the time:

  • All the big boards are closed
  • I can’t even get anyone to reply to me about joining their board!
  • I feel like I’ve applied to a bazillion boards and not gotten accepted

If you’ve ever had thoughts like those, you’re not alone!

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What to Do About Stolen Pins on Pinterest

When someone steals your pin, they are usually stealing TRAFFIC. Here's what to do about stolen pins on Pinterest, how to file a DMCA notice with Pinterest for copyright infringement, and how to report stolen pins you run across from other people.Stolen pins are my nemesis. If it hasn’t happened to you already, chances are it won’t be long before someone steals one of your Pinterest pins.

Pinterest can be amazing for driving traffic, which is probably exactly why stolen pins are so rampant. Here’s what to do about them, along with ways to find out if someone has stolen one of your pins.

I tried to provide a through explanation of all things stolen pins, so this article is really long. If you want to just jump to a particular section, click one of the links below.

What does stealing a Pinterest pin mean?

First, let’s talk about what stealing a pin means. Basically, stealing a pin means that someone has taken a copy of a pin image you made to promote your blog post and:

  • uploaded that image to Pinterest with the URL going to their own site instead of your site
  • or uploaded that image to their own site (often as part of a roundup post)
  • or sometimes both

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Pinterest Best Practices: Creating Images for Your Blog

What makes a great, Pinterest-friendly image that’s going to attract both readers and repins? Let’s start with the basics so that you can include images that will really benefit you when they’re pinned to Pinterest. Keep these tips in mind:

Pinterest resizes your images

When an image from your site is pinned, Pinterest will take your image and resize it for their main screen, fitting it into a rectangle that’s 237 pixels wide. Make sure your image is at least that wide, otherwise it will look something like this when pinned:

Bloggers: Don't let your blog images end up look like this example of an improperly-sized image on Pinterest.

That grey space on either side of the image is not attractive. Plus by not having the image sized correctly, it displays a lot smaller than it otherwise would. That’s a missed opportunity to attract attention. Remember, on Pinterest, it’s all about the visuals. » Read more